Ford Edge Gives You Exceptional Design

If you’re shopping for a great crossover, seeing the Ford Edge may put an end to the vehicle browsing. This popular midsize SUV has everything you’ve come to expect in an SUV: power, great appearance, functionality, performance and some exciting design features. Come check it out at Bob Maxey Ford of Howell Inc.

Elegance is second nature to the Ford Edge and attributable to the quality craftsmanship. 


The Ford Flex Looks Good Both Inside and Out

The Ford Flex impresses as family transportation with its many customization features. Its Dual-Zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control lets you and your front passenger define different comfort levels. And the power tilt and telescoping column adjusts the steering column to your specs.

When you want natural light to flood all three rows of seats, engage the Multipanel Vista Roof®. Covering the first row is a power moonroof. The second gets two skylights and the third includes a single skylight. Power sunshades minimize the sun’s glare. 


New Ford Taurus Boasts Exceptional Performance

Full-size sedans are popular among car owners now more than ever. They check every box for our customers. That is why our team here at Bob Maxey Ford of Howell Inc are proud to introduce you to the brand new 2018 Ford Taurus full-size sedan.

The sport-tuned suspension of this incredible car was specifically engineered with the driver in mind. It helps maintain control on the roads as well as affording you a smooth and enjoyable ride. 


Ford C-Max Performance and Innovation

The best-in-class Ford C-Max offers fuel efficiency and 188 horsepower performance. With the shared power between a 1.4 lithium-ion battery and its 2-liter four-cylinder engine, this hybrid is capable of reaching a top speed of 115 mph. You will probably feel more comfortable cruising at the 62 mph when running on the electric mode.

In addition to robust performance and efficiency capabilities, the new Ford C-Max also offers tech innovations. You can pair your Android device with the available SYNC 3 system to enjoy Android Auto as you travel throughout the Howell, MI region. 


Do You Need a Dual Pass Radiator?

Modern car and truck engines produce a lot of heat. In an effort to control heat produced by high-performance engines, car makers include a number of design elements made to tackle these bigger and more powerful engines. One such innovation is called a dual-pass radiator.

Regular crossflow and downflow radiator designs channel hot coolant either down through or across the radiator core, and this process happens only once before the fluid makes its way back into the engine block. While fairly effective, this approach does leave a little left on the table in terms of cooling-efficiency. 


How Does Your Car Accelerate?

When you're trying to beat that yellow light or are late to work, you tend to accelerate more quickly as you step on the gas harder. But what exactly is causing this to happen? That is why we here at Bob Maxey Ford of Howell Inc. want to be sure that you understand the basics of your vehicle's transmission.

The transmission in your vehicle is what shifts gears and allows you to accelerate to higher speeds. 


Importance of Interior Dimensions When Choosing The Ford Expedition or The GMC Yukon

The Interior Dimension allows you to see how much room is available for your passengers. You use the interior dimensions to decide between the Ford Expedition and the GMC Yukon. Interior dimension can help determine roominess.

The Expedition provides leg room for its’ passengers seated in the third row of seating. The leg room dimensions for the third row is 36.1 inches. The Yukon has 24.8 inches of leg room. The 64.2 inches of shoulder room for the passengers seated in the third row of the Expedition would have ample space. The Yukon has 62.6 inches…

A Look at Ford BLIS

Ford has long been known for its contributions and innovations to the world of automobiles. This can certainly be said of one of their newer creations. Here is a small look at one of the Ford team's newest technologies - the Blind Spot Information System from the Bob Maxey Ford of Howell Inc. team.

The Blind Spot Information System was first found in Volvo automobiles. Ford at one time owned Volvo and they would eventually adapt the same system. 


Winter Wiper Blades Help You Navigate the Season

When the weather is nice and mild outside, it can be very easy to not pay any attention to your wiper blades. After all, under those conditions you won't need to use them very much at all, unless an unlucky bug smacks your windshield. But during the winter months, they become a crucial piece of equipment on your vehicle, and without them, driving can be downright dangerous. That is why here at Bob Maxey Ford of Howell Inc., we suggest that you get ready for the season by having our service department change out your old wiper blades with…


Have you taken 2017 Ford Fiesta for a Ride?

The Ford Fiesta 2017 is not only a good car, but is also loved and bought by a lot of people worldwide. It has the four, and the two-door hatchback body style. It is slightly larger with around 0.2-inch wheelbase stretch and a full rear track of 0.4 inches and a 1.2 inch wider front track. It has easy to use infotainment systems, spacious front seats for extra comfort

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